Take a photo in **ANY** Olivia color
It can be styled and worn
its need not be worn if you have a good idea
its just needs some yummy emotion, and whatever talks to you
Submit your LOOK OF THE DAY PICTURE to me at Facebook

DON't BE INTIMIDATED - submit your pic
Its not only about the best technical shot, but also mood and style
Your snapshot coudl be a winner !

************************* PRIZES **********************************
* WINNER ****** | L$25,000 & Stiletto Moody ColorSet
* RUNNER UP***** |Stiletto Moody ColorSet
* 2ND RUNNER UP*** | Stiletto Moody Shoe

* WHO WORE IT BEST | StilettoMoody ColorSet
You choose! with most "likes" as a facebook comment

* BEST QUOTE | Stiletto Moody ColorSet
(add it as a comment with your Pic)

- Members of Stiletto Moody Shoes group are eligible to win
Just join in store - yes you men too, or follow this faq

- Pic can feature any color from today’s Look of the day Style.
Interpretation can include worn or just the shoe

- Only post to my Stiletto Moody FACEBOOK product page please

- “Like” the Stiletto Moody Product page to be able to submit

- Submissions from friends, welcome if you have no Facebook page.
let us know the avatar name
Submit to my facebook page

Men we want your take pics and participate too!!!!
Come on fashion photographers – come on boys – this is where the girls are.
Stiletto moody is for the girls in heels and the boys who love their girls.
Just join the group and show us your style eye
Come on Lionesses - tame the iron jungle
Come on photographers – bring out the best in your girlfriend